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Have you ever seen or head of a person who on the day of his/her project defense, right there in the defense room could not even remember his or her project topic? Yes it happens. A great number of many of these students could not even answer one simple question as pertaining to the project. Many when ask; tell us about your project? or what is your project all about? Seems to be clueless about the project work they are to defend. Some on entering the defense room starts to fidget or sweating profusely while others lost their voice and few number of these students even collapse in the defense room. These and many more are the problems and challenges that are encountered by many students who about to defend their project. Why these troubles? Here are some useful tips to guide and help you overcome these hurdles and also to overcome the fear and tension that can ruin your moment of ecstasy. Copy and paste: this seems to be the number on issue thst is related to project defense as many students when asked to carry out a project work, will look for any readymade project on the topic given to them or those that are related to their topic and begin to copy the entire project work to go and present and defend. These often times usually backfire as such student will not have an insight to the project lay out. Another thing is that you can’t and may never be able to defend the project that you did not write or carry out a research on. Tips: it is pertinent that you take time to study your project work and get your self acquainted with the content of the work as this will put you in right shape and frame to answer any question that will be thrown at you during your project defense. Most frequently ask questions during defense: What is your project topic? Where and how did you administer your questionnaires Define this terminology What method of analysis did you adopt and why What is the significance of this study What are the problems you encountered while carrying out this project What are your findings What method of sampling techniques did you employ and why Based on your research findings, what is/are your recommendation(s) Summarize your work (project) What will you do differently if you are to carry out this work again What is the scope of your study Why choose this topic What is your project work all about Based on your findings, what will your next research or project be Tips to help you defend successfully Keep your answers simple when answering any question Engage the questions honestly i.e. get as close as you can to the answer whenever you are answering any questions Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know” or “no idea” when ask a difficult question especially the ones outside your project work. Have enough rest or night sleep before going out to defend your project