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One of the key requirements in awarding a first degree to any under graduate is a successful writing and defending of projects. This to some undergraduates in a herculean task but nevertheless it must be done. Writing of the project as well as defending it is an independent or individual effort although with the help of a supervisor who guide the student in choosing of project topic, practical work, gathering of materials, assessment and approval of the work upon completion. They are steps and procedures to follow in carrying out a research/project work. This begins with choosing a good and interesting topic to work on, to practical work (for sciences and its related fields), to presentation, to defense etc. The project work is usually divided into five (5) chapters. But your final research work should look somewhat like this:

  • A Cover Sheet: this page should contain your name, your degree course and department, your matric or registration number, the title of the project, the name of your project supervisor and the month/year of submission
  • The next page should be a sign statement of originality that the research work was carried out by you and is submitted to the department in partial fulfillment for the award of degree of…….(your course of study) at the university of….(your school name)
  • Acknowledgement: this is where you acknowledge everyone who in one way or the other assisted you in carrying out the project work and its documentation. It may include your appreciation to everyone in your department, your supervisor, friends, family members, organization, and any other person that has contributed to the success of the project. NOTE: This page is
  • Table of contents with page numbers.
  • Introduction: this should give the motivation for the project. State the aim of the project work in the opening sentence/paragraph of the project work. Here, you also write extensively on the structure and setup of the project.

Literature Review: this is where you review other people’s work in relation to the topic you are working on. Here you also review other research work done in this field or related fields as yours. Every writing in this chapter must be with citation i.e. you must make reference to the author of the article or book that carried out the research work in which you lifted the information that is found in your work. Also year and name of the writer of the article or textbook you use must be cited in parenthesis. Theories related to your research work must also be cited here to further explain and back up the work you are doing. Materials for your literature review can be gotten from textbooks, journals, articles, internet, magazines, newspapers, previous project work done on the topic or related topic etc.



  • That most journals and articles can be gotten online.
  • The materials you are using in the literature review must not be too old or outdated
  • Be careful how you lift information from the materials to your work so as to avoid plagiarism
  • In your list of references, full detail of the materials used during the research work must be spell out i.e. name of the author, textbook or journal or article, year of publication, place of publication, place of publication, page number etc.

Materials and method: the methodology adopted for the research work must be stated clearly as well as list of materials employ in carrying out the practical work. The method of analysis and specific problem(s) you have solved must be included. Framework of your design and method of evaluation must be stated. The type testing method adopted must be stated.

  • Data Analysis and Interpretation: it is pertinent that your data or the result of your practical work be analyzed. This has to do with the statistical analysis of the data you have collated. Note: your evaluated results should proffer solution to the statement of the problem.
  • Conclusion and recommendation: this is where you assess the full project work stating whether the objectives have been achieved or not. Also, be open as to give room for further investigation with alternative methods to give clarity on the topic.
  • References: depending on the style choose, full references must be given in detail i.e. all the materials and books consulted during the project work must be listed. Note: this format of project work may vary base on your department, faculty, school etc.